For detailed information on product price and availability, please contact the following suppliers directly.
Aero Trading Co. Ltd.

Suite 200 - 8592 Fraser Street

Vancouver, BC   V5X 3Y3

Contact: Liam Stockwell or Brad Mirau

Phone (604) 327-6331

North Delta Seafoods

7857 Huston Rd,

Delta, BC   V4G 1M1

Contact: Chris Wick or Lynn Normoyle

Phone (604) 970-9425

Walcan Seafood Ltd.

PO Box 429

2025 Hyacinthe Bay Road

Heriot Bay, B.C. V0P 1H0

Contact: Cameron Pirie

Phone (250) 287-1275 (Direct)

Phone (250) 285-3361 (Office)

Scarlet Point Seafoods

8665 Hastings St.

Port Hardy, BC   V0N 2P0


Phone (250) 949-6630

French Creek Seafood

1097 Lee Road
Parksville, BC   V9P 2E1

Contact: Retail Store or Brad McLean

Phone (250) 248-2888  - Retail Store

Phone (250) 248-7100  - Brad

Organic Ocean Seafood

3051 West 8th Ave.

Vancouver, BC   V6K 2C2

Contact: Steve Johansen or

Laura Powers

Phone (604) 862-7192

Coldfish Seafood Co. Inc.

1670 East Kent Ave S
Vancouver, BC V5P 2S7


Phone 1 (888) 989-8789

Sea Plus Foods Ltd.

3279 Vananda Ave.

Powell River, BC  V8A 1A9

Contact: Ian Leitch

Phone (604) 485-4055 - Office

Phone (604) 414-8190 - Ian

Tri-Star Seafoods

11751 Voyageur Way
Richmond , BC   V6X 3J4

Contact: Claude Tchao or Greg Nelson

Phone (604) 273-3324