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In the cold, pristine waters of Canada's coastline. 

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Wild BC Spot Prawns are harvested from the chilly depths of the Pacific Ocean, contributing to their freshness and quality.

Spot Prawns are found along the entire coast of BC, but the majority of prawns are harvested from the waters between Vancouver and Vancouver Island. This spot prawn hotspot is in the Strait of Georgia and associated inlets.


During the commercial season, vessels will travel as far North as the BC Alaska border to harvest spot prawns. Typically, the vessels that fish in the North and Central coast tend to focus on frozen-at-sea spot prawns. Whereas, vessels that harvest in the Strait of Georgia will focus on live dockside sales due to its proximity to processors and markets for live and fresh product.


Several areas of the coast are closed to prawn fishing and other bottom contact fisheries to ensure protection of unique benthic ecosystems such as coral and sponge reefs.


The day in the life of a BC Spot Prawn fisherman with Martin Seafoods
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