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Important Resources for Fishermen

Prawn Industry Best Practices Document

Click below for a copy of the

Fish Safe BC

Commercial Prawn Fishery

Best Practices Document

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Prawn Fishery
Best Practices

Safe Food For Canadians Regulations

  -Preventative Control Plan Template

CFIA SFCR Poster.jpg

Below is a link to the PPFA Preventative Control Plan template that has been approved by CFIA to meet the licence requirements under the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations.

NOTE: You will need to tailor this document to suit your vessel's operations. Please work with your buyer to do so. Instructions are included in the download package.

Howe Sound Glass Sponge Reef Information

Glass Sponge Reef Closures for Spot Prawns in Howe Sound, British Columbia

Nobeltec and Navionics have released files identifying the Canadian Rockfish Conservation Areas (RCAs).

Nobeltec has also included the location of current Glass Sponge Reef Closures in their file.


NOTE: TimeZero Proffesional V.4 required

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